Photo price list for 2023

Wedding photo:

The price of CZK 18,500 (€ 810) includes:

  • I will spend the whole day with you (from morning preparations to evening entertainment, approx. 12 hours)
  • we will meet at the pre-wedding meeting where we will get to know each other
  • aerial photos from a drone if at all possible during the day (I'm a registered pilot with the Civil Aviation Authority)
  • as a result, you will receive from me 500 to 1000 edited photos on a flash drive in a gift box
  • you have a private online gallery of all photos and other galleries of your choice for easy sharing with friends and family
  • you will receive from me 80 printed photos 10x15cm and 8 printed photos 20x30cm of your choice
  • I will come for free within 100 km (around Opava, Ostrava, Czech Republic)
  • final photos within 10 days after the wedding
  • free rental of a Fujifilm Instax mini 11 digital camera for guests for the duration of the photo shoot with the newlyweds, 10 photos = CZK 300 (€ 15)

Having a smaller wedding? I'm happy to modify the offer to your exact requirements if you don't need me all day. Just contact me. The price is approximately 12,000 CZK (€ 520) for four hours of photography, then 1,000 CZK (€ 48) for each additional hour, unless we agree otherwise.

My wedding photography style:

I try to be as "invisible" as possible on the wedding day. I arrange as few things as possible and photograph everything as it happens. I try to "waiting" for emotions and then capture them. I try to interfere with the wedding day as little as possible. Rather than adapting the environment to a nice photo, I'm trying to adapt to make a nice photo.

The only moment when I'm more visible is when we take photos together somewhere in nature, where we go during the day. It is ideal to plan such photography in the early evening about an hour or two before sunset, if the weather is favorable and the sun is shining. If the sun is under a cloud, beautiful photos will also be created, and in addition, we can take photos at any time during the day. Even the rain is not an obstacle. I recommend reserving about an hour of time for this activity, I believe you won't regret it and you will enjoy it.

I don't want to limit myself by the exact number of submitted photos. Every wedding is different, different number of guests, different program. I always submit 500 to 1000 edited photos, I can promise that.

Aerial footage from a drone:

I am a certified pilot and drone photos will always be done legally. If the weather and surrounding areas allow it, I will take off so that you can have a bird's-eye view. The drone can only be flown in good weather and in a suitable location (outside no-fly zones, protection zones, national monuments and parks or populated areas).

Family photo:

The price of CZK 2,500 (€ 115) includes:

  • we will take pictures for about an hour somewhere in nature
  • the photoshoot will be relaxed, no poses, I will only give advice on small things, how to look better in the photos, there is nothing to be afraid of
  • I will send the resulting photos online within a week
  • you will receive roughly 30 to 80 edited photos from me
  • I will create a private online gallery of all photos and then possibly other galleries of your choice

I can't tell you the exact number of photos I'll give you, but it's always between 30 and 80 pieces. You can then choose the ones you like the most, I'd rather edit more than less.

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